Protect Your Waterfront From Significant Weed Growth

We install benthic barriers for lakes and ponds in New Milford, Candlewood Lake, Brookfield, CT & Tampa, FL

Benthic barriers, better known as lake mats, are specifically designed to block sunlight preventing all aquatic plant growth. At the beginning of each season, C & D will come out and install mats prior to weed growth. The mats, which are weighted down and secured to the bottom of the lake or pond, prevent growth of vegetation. The mats are installed and removed each season. Mats come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Call C & D Underwater Maintenance right away for lake mat installation to place a barrier at the bottom of your New Milford, Candlewood Lake, Brookfield, CT or Tampa, FL lake or pond.

Enjoy a Weed Free Swim Area

Enjoy a Weed Free Swim Area

Controlling weed growth can improve the clarity of your lake or pond and make it safe for swimming. Request a quote for your benthic barrier installation by calling C & D Underwater Maintenance at (844) WEEDOUT or (203) 648-3960.

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